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Successful Mural Tours on Saturday 30 March 2019 in San Nicolas.

We received an overwhelming host of participants in our 2nd Premier Mural Tours edition on Saturday March 30,2019 in our offices at Artisa. This edition welcomed folks from the Netherlands, Canada, Russia and of course our Aruban fellows from Noord and Pos Chiquito. Amongst out visitors we encountered our Arubans living in the Netherlands, who all were delighted to have come along to our San Nicolas. This edition we even hosted some kids, accompanied by their parents. Tito Bolivar and myself interchanged duties during the tour informing in Dutch, English and Papiamento. Everyone enjoyed the audiovisual presentation on all the activities Artisia deploys momentarily. The visitors got a little taste of the past Aruba Art Fairs from 2016, 2017 and 2018. Of course we reminded the participants on our upcoming Aruba Art Fair 2019 in September. Must conclude that all contributors left San Nicolas with an utmost feeling of satisfaction and pleasantly surprised to have been part of such an experience in art viewing. Also everyone was astonished by the art pieces in our office/gallery. This day we conducted 3 tours, starting at 09.00 SAM and ending at 16.00 PM.

Our next Mural Tours will be on the last weekend of April 2019. Keep posted and we will keep informing you! Visit us at: www.arubamurals.com or mail us at in**@ar*********.com or even WhatsApp us: +297-5934475.